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MyProGroup Experience: College of Adaptive Arts

I’ve been in a number of leads/referrals groups over the years, and I can honestly say that the MyProGroup is quite distinct and powerful. There’s an air of authenticity and professionalism that makes me so proud to be a part of this business group. Certainly there are internal benchmarks we strive to meet regarding referrals, 1:1s, closed business, and to me, the distinct value of this group is that it is balanced with genuine caring and leaders of integrity that sincerely want to see each other’s businesses grow and flourish.

I like knowing that we are going to hear a professional presentation each week that helps to me better understand each member’s business and how I can be a best support to them when I think about leads and referrals. I love how the leadership team is strategically thinking about attending mixer events with other members from the group so that there is a continued support for each other and for growing this team with business leaders with the right mindset and vision.

Please consider attending a weekly session for yourself to better understand the unique value that MyProGroup could bring to you and your business. You may be pleasantly surprised with the unique climate of high standards, business, and compassion. It’s been a distinct pleasure to be a part of this group, and I can honestly say it’s a true highlight of my week each week as I know I’m not only going to hear a professional presentation, but I’m going to be surrounded by business professionals of high integrity who are sincerely building a network of support for each other.

-DeAnna Pursai
Executive Director, College of Adaptive Arts

MyProGroup Spotlight:
DeSando Insurance Services

Every week, we’ll be highlighting one of our awesome business leaders to provide you some good insights on their business and the services they provide.

What services do you provide?
We offer business insurance solutions for a wide range of industries. Some of the key insurance coverages that we provide are general liability, commercial auto, commercial property, professional liability, bonds, EPLI, and most importantly workers compensation. Some of the key industries that we target are staffing companies, contractors, agriculture, manufacturing, hotel/motel, restaurants, home health care, auto body/mechanic shops, and commercial property owners.

What is an overview of your business model?
Our company is an independent insurance brokerage. Which means that we have access to many insurance companies. This flexibility helps us work for your our client and not the insurance company. We pride ourselves on creating bidding wars between companies to help our clients get the best value. We have many tools and strategies to help mitigate claims or even prevent claims. Our primary focus is in the workers compensation insurance market.

Why are you a member of MyProGroup?
I am a member of MyProGroup to have access to a team of key advisors that I can trust when referring my clients. It is very important to me to be a one stop shop for anything my client may need. That is why a group such as MyProGroup is so important.

How has MyProGroup helped your business?
MyProGroup has helped me established new relationships with key business owners that I can now refer my clients to.

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