MyProGroup Spotlight:
Grossman Chiropractic

Every week, we’ll be highlighting one of our awesome business leaders to provide you some good insights on their business and the services they provide..

What services do you provide?
At Grossman Chiropractic, services we provide are diversified adjustments, Active Release Technique, RockTape, IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), Metagenics nutritional supplements, corrective exercises, Functional Range Conditioning (mobility improvement).

What is an overview of your business model?
Delivering high quality chiropractic care at an affordable rate. Most people go to the chiropractor experience adjustments and the visit lasting less then 5 minutes. At Grossman Chiropractic our visits are 15-30 mins with adjustments in conjunction to Active Release Technique and corrective exercises as well as discussing daily habits that could be problematic to what was causing the pain in the first place. Listening to the patient to find out what is really going on is key, then educating them to be empowered to leading a healthier and happier life is the goal.

Why are you a member of MyProGroup?
I wanted to become a member of MyProGroup to have a group of individuals I can refer to for services they may need or I may need. Having a reliable and trusting group of individuals who I know bring there A-game for each industry they are involved with so I can feel confident in giving contact information for the services they are looking for.

How has MyProGroup helped your business?
MyProGroup has helped a lot especially with advice in getting myself started in running my business. Having affordable and reliable services for many of my needs to get my business started. Everyone has been so helpful with giving me tips and supporting me while getting the business started and even had some great referrals from group members to help grow my business.

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