IFMA Monthly Chapter Meeting ft: Applying Innovation to Maximize Cost Savings

Applying Innovation to Maximize Cost SavingsSynopsis of Program:

How often do organizations hire vendors, but realize they can’t deliver the service until after the contract is signed?  Or perhaps the internal clients don’t know what they need?   FMs are operating with fewer budgets, but asked to do more.   The traditional price-driven procurement model increases transactions of every participant and forces a “win-lose” relationship.  Vendors increase their change orders in this model so really the owner loses when using “lowest bidder” approach.   This session will introduce an innovative best value procurement model that allows institutions to procure more services, in less time, with fewer resources, yet increases vendor accountability, creates transparency, and results in higher customer satisfaction.   Learn how to utilize expertise and track performance measurements throughout the contract not just identify vendor pre-qualifications.  Transform your RFPs, expect cost savings from experts, and don’t rely on trying to identify the technical jargon, but create a system that transforms risky contracts to successful outcomes.

What are the top 3 key points/takeaways from the presentation:


    1. How to minimize costs by 30% and utilize expertise to identify risk through non-technical information.


    1. Stop the protests and have dominant information to justify.


    1. Use best value in your RFPs and why it differs from other systems.



Dean Kashiwagi received an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, followed by a master’s degree in 1983, and a PhD in 1991 both in industrial engineering. He served in the United States Air Force for 14 years after serving a church mission in Japan and attending college. While in college, Kashiwagi was a member of ROTC. After he received his undergraduate degree, Kashiwagi moved to Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico where he became the JOC president. During this time, Kashiwagi was sent to Arizona State University to acquire his PhD. In 1992, Kashiwagi retired from the air force and began teaching at Arizona State University.

Dean developed the ideas of Information Measurement Theory and the Kashiwagi Solution Model; applying his theories to businesses, he developed a modified theory called the Performance Information Procurement System. With this model, Kashiwagi started the Performance Based Research Group at Arizona State University.

A thought leader in the procurement, facility management, and construction industries for more than two decades, he’s a respected adviser and mentor within the association, the public sector, and academic circles.  He is a past recipient of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA)’s Distinguished Educator award (2009).  He is credited with establishing Best Value programs at six universities around the world. This includes receiving a Fulbright Scholar award to share state-of-the-art best value research and practices with the people of Botswana, Africa. Dean’s groundbreaking Best Value Model put into practice at ASU and was instrumental in the investment of $100 million in the institution for outsourcing food services.  He assisted in changing a country, the Netherlands, on how it buys not only construction, but all services.  A powerful force in best value research and education, Dean has championed programs to advance many professions and continues to prepare the next generation of leaders


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4:30-5:00pm- New Member Orientation

5:00-5:30pm- Registration

5:30-7:00pm- Program Presentation

7:00-8:00pm- Networking Reception